Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help California Woman go from Fatigued to Fit

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAlejandra Estrada realized when she hit 144 pounds that she had to regain control of her body, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health co-founder Wong explains that Alejandra tried every diet on the market, and even worked out with friends for support, but to no avail. The most she could lose was a few pounds here and there. Her issues were compounded by the fact that she did not know how to control her cravings. Every time Alejandra would start to see the scale inch down, she would reach for pasta, bread, and ice cream to celebrate.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Alejandra exercised and strived to stay active, using the wonderful California weather as a good excuse to get outside and move. However, despite her activity level, Alejandra’s diet still lacked what her body needed most–nutrition. This left her tired and barely able to do anything after a quick jog. Naps became Alejandra’s best friend.

Alejandra was at her wit’s end when a chance conversation about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the real results YOR Health customers were seeing. It completely changed her thinking. Alejandra began researching Dennis Wong, YOR Health, the products, and the science behind them all. Once she was satisfied with the information she found, Alejandra ordered the YOR Shake and YOR CompleteBurn, a popular combination. Within a matter of weeks, she was down seven pounds.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Customer Spotlight August 2016

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health says he never ceases to be amazed at the progress and transformations that happen when people uncover the real health hidden inside of them. Vanessa Marin of Sacramento, California, is one of these people and serves as today’s spotlight success story.

Q: How did Vanessa discover YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Vanessa’s weight reached 240 pounds, she confided in a close friend that she was very unhappy. It turns out, this friend was a new YOR Health customer and the two decided to try the products together.

Q: What YOR Health products does Vanessa use?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: She drinks an icy chocolate YOR Shake each morning and adds YOR CompleteBurn at regular intervals throughout the day. The YOR CompleteBurn gives her the energy she used to lack in the morning. She would struggle to exercise for even a few minutes, but now she runs for half an hour each morning without wanting to quit! Vanessa has told us here at YOR Health that she can feel the CompleteBurn kicking in shortly after taking it and that it makes her feel alive and alert all day long.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Earns Nutritionist’s Approval

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAdan Rodriguez was one of those “lucky” few who never had to worry about his weight, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health ’s  co-founder explains in the following brief question-and-answer session just what convinced Adan to put his faith in YOR Health products.

Q: How was Adan uncomfortable with his body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan was extremely thin, to the point of feeling self-conscious about his body image. He refused to go swimming with friends from an early age, as he was embarrassed of his “skin and bones” physique. Adan unfortunately missed out on a lot of activities and social opportunities because he was so ashamed of his body.

Q: What did he do to put on weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan excelled in sports and started playing football in high school. Still, he remained thin. In college, Adan began consulting with a nutritionist to help him gain the muscle he had always wanted. But despite eating and working out, Adan couldn’t achieve his dream body.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help New Jersey Woman Improve Lifestyle

Dennis Wong YOR HealthMelissa Pray fought with her waistline her entire life until she found out about a health supplement company founded by Dennis Wong. YOR Health products have given Melissa the energy to change a sedentary lifestyle and return the smoothness back to her natural hourglass figure.

Q: Who is Melissa Pray?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Melissa is our spotlight customer for this week. She is a 23-year-old woman from North Bergen, New Jersey, and one who made a remarkable transformation in just a few short months.

Q: What kind of changes has Melissa made to her daily routine that had a positive effect on her health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Melissa started walking to work every morning and replaced her fast food breakfast with something much better – a chocolate YOR Shake. More importantly, Melissa learned to look at food as a way to feed her body for energy, not as something to feel ashamed of craving. Before YOR Health, Melissa was always worried about her self image. She likened this obsession to a full-time job.

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Dennis Wong: How YOR Health Changed a Relationship

Dennis Wong YOR HealthThe idea that getting comfortable in a relationship has to mean gaining weight is an outdated notion, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health believes that a healthy relationship should start first with healthy bodies. Today, Wong shares the story of Pablo Sanchez and how YOR Health improved his appearance…and his love life.

Q: How was Pablo Sanchez’s weight affected by entering into a committed relationship?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Pablo was like many college-age men, always working toward that perfect “beach body.” He was forever on a mission to impress the women on campus and did so by following a strict workout routine. When he met his girlfriend, the two started eating out several times a week and going to movies, where popcorn and candy were a staple. He gained 20 pounds in just a few months.

Q: Didn’t he eat out before that?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: He did, but when it was just himself, he could afford to eat at organic restaurants and focus on whole foods. Once he had a partner, eating fast and less expensive foods became the norm.

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With Dennis Wong and YOR Health, Anything is Possible

Dennis Wong YOR HealthSary Keo has always been a California girl through and through. According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, Sary was 5 feet tall and weighed in at 195 pounds when she made the decision to work towards improving her unique West Coast style.

Q: How did Sary’s height and weight affect her self-esteem?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Sary is much shorter than most of the girls she grew up with, and being significantly overweight made it hard to really “fit in.” She felt chastised her entire life and under pressure to look like everyone else. While that never happened, Sary has discovered that she doesn’t need to fit into a mold.

Q: What changed her mind?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Sary learned there is a big difference between being “skinny” and being healthy. She started drinking YOR Shake and taking both YOR CompleteBurn and YOR Essential Vitamins.  What Sary has found is that real nutrition gives her the energy to enjoy life and the willpower to make better choices. As a result, Sary lost 30 pounds. Still, her end goal is her health, and she’s no longer trying to change other people’s opinions of her.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help Silence Childhood Fears

Dennis Wong YOR HealthLeo Bailey was like most children – energetic, always on the move, and impressionable. It was this latter characteristic that put Leo face-to-face with an unhealthy body image, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that at the tender age of 11, Leo was told by someone he respected that if he got fat he wouldn’t live to see adulthood. The timing of this statement could not have been worse, because at the time Leo was growing and gaining weight. While the weight gain was actually a normal part of his development, the fear of death resonated in the young man’s mind and he began an unhealthy fitness routine.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Leo Bailey began to work out every day, stressing himself to no avail. His body simply was not ready to gain muscle mass. At 19, Leo was working at a restaurant, struggling with fatigue and headaches, and trying to make ends meet. It was during this time that Leo gained 26 pounds. The words that haunted him in his youth returned in bright red letters etched across his mind. This time, however, was different. Dennis Wong says YOR Health became Leo’s tool of choice.

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