Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help California Woman go from Fatigued to Fit

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAlejandra Estrada realized when she hit 144 pounds that she had to regain control of her body, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health co-founder Wong explains that Alejandra tried every diet on the market, and even worked out with friends for support, but to no avail. The most she could lose was a few pounds here and there. Her issues were compounded by the fact that she did not know how to control her cravings. Every time Alejandra would start to see the scale inch down, she would reach for pasta, bread, and ice cream to celebrate.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Alejandra exercised and strived to stay active, using the wonderful California weather as a good excuse to get outside and move. However, despite her activity level, Alejandra’s diet still lacked what her body needed most–nutrition. This left her tired and barely able to do anything after a quick jog. Naps became Alejandra’s best friend.

Alejandra was at her wit’s end when a chance conversation about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the real results YOR Health customers were seeing. It completely changed her thinking. Alejandra began researching Dennis Wong, YOR Health, the products, and the science behind them all. Once she was satisfied with the information she found, Alejandra ordered the YOR Shake and YOR CompleteBurn, a popular combination. Within a matter of weeks, she was down seven pounds.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help Silence Childhood Fears

Dennis Wong YOR HealthLeo Bailey was like most children – energetic, always on the move, and impressionable. It was this latter characteristic that put Leo face-to-face with an unhealthy body image, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that at the tender age of 11, Leo was told by someone he respected that if he got fat he wouldn’t live to see adulthood. The timing of this statement could not have been worse, because at the time Leo was growing and gaining weight. While the weight gain was actually a normal part of his development, the fear of death resonated in the young man’s mind and he began an unhealthy fitness routine.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Leo Bailey began to work out every day, stressing himself to no avail. His body simply was not ready to gain muscle mass. At 19, Leo was working at a restaurant, struggling with fatigue and headaches, and trying to make ends meet. It was during this time that Leo gained 26 pounds. The words that haunted him in his youth returned in bright red letters etched across his mind. This time, however, was different. Dennis Wong says YOR Health became Leo’s tool of choice.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Praise John Nadeau for Courage and Consistency

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJohn Nadeau was in a dark place in his life when, in 2008, he decided it almost wasn’t worth the struggle. He shouldered a very unhealthy 200 pounds on his 5’9” frame and felt as though people never saw him as a person, just an overweight shell of a man. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health was just the thing for John, who has since lost greater than 40 pounds and says he is happier than ever. This is his story.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, says John Nadeau is an inspiration to people across the globe. In 2008, John was depressed and lonely. He wasn’t happy to spend his evenings in solitude, but that’s just what he did to avoid the glaring and judgmental eyes of strangers and friends alike. John had always been overweight but the demands of a full time job led him to reach 200+ pounds. He was in pain all the time and began to resent the “Hollywood” diets everyone threw at him.

Despite being in his early 20s, John felt like someone 40 years his senior, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer received his first delivery in the nick of time, however, and soon found himself shedding weight faster than he thought possible. John lost 40 pounds in just four weeks — four times as much weight as he had lost in the previous two months, despite a grueling diet and gym schedule.

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Saving Face | Dennis Wong on YOR Health Benefits

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong says YOR Health is not merely a weight loss supplements company. Instead, the company he founded with his sister back in 2008 focuses on the whole person. Lisa Chang found that out recently when YOR Health helped her clear up an issue that had nothing to do with her waistline.

College conundrum

Lisa Chang was a petite 115 pounds in college – and that was after gaining the dreaded “freshman 15.” Because of her small frame, Lisa assumed she was healthy. However, her diet left her anything other than in good shape, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Lisa ate whatever she wanted, most of that coming from a greasy fast food kitchen. This left her tired all the time, a sign that her insides did not match the vibrant appearance of her exterior.

Skin deep

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Lisa Chang was comfortable with her weight but her skin was a different story. She had always suffered with oily skin and frequent acne outbreaks; this affected her confidence more than she ever let anyone know. Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains that Lisa’s problem wasn’t her skincare routine, it was the nutritional neglect she put her body through that manifested on her face.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Offer Consumers More than Nutrition

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health says his company was founded to help people take control of their health through vitamins and supplements. Additionally, Wong has made a point to educate his customers on the way food affects their bodies from the inside, out. This insistence on information about healthy eating changed Jessica Haar’s life forever.

Jessica Haar is described by all who know her as a lifelong tomboy. Growing up with a single father, two brothers, and a grandfather for guidance, Jessica never really thought about her body. That all changed in high school, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder reports that Jessica became more active – her days of sitting by the TV playing video games with her brothers were over. She began to develop into a young woman and boys started noticing her, and her shape.

During Jessica’s first year in college, she followed suit with her friends and ate whatever was easy. This often meant fast food or prepackaged meals. Jessica gained weight at an alarming rate, increasing the scale by 50 pounds, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer recalls that much of this excess was because of her alcohol consumption, poor sleeping habits, and stress.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health Spotlight Julia Hwang

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJulia Hwang grew up battling stomach problems. She would awake bloated and constipated, a feeling which would not subside throughout the day. But, thanks to Dennis Wong and YOR Health, Julia has finally conquered her tummy troubles.

Although Julia Hwang has never struggled with her weight, she did suffer from unseen digestive health issues. She is naturally lean and, aside from a few unhealthy late-night snacks, maintains a fairly nutritionally-balanced diet. However, after fighting stomach discomfort her entire life, Julia decided that she’d had enough. Dennis Wong says YOR Health was introduced to Julia by a friend who had experienced relief from the same type of ailments.

Julia started taking YOR Health products to aid her digestive process. Although she was not very hopeful on day one, by the end of the third week she was convinced. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health brand YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR CompleteBurn, and YOR Shake have allowed Julia the freedom to live without pain and enjoy her favorite foods once again.

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YOR Health Shares Healthy Snack: New Chocolate / Peanut Butter Protein Balls

YOR-CHOCOLATE-PB-PROTEIN-BALLIn order to celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13, the leadership staff of YOR Health encouraged their Independent Representatives and Customers to give others a helping hand and offer their time and energy to important causes. One of the primary ways in which YOR Health Independent Representatives and Customers can spread joy around the holidays is to share healthy and delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy. A favorite among YOR Health community members is a recipe for chocolate and peanut butter protein balls. What’s the key ingredient? YOR Shake in the chocolate flavor. For those who are craving a sweet treat, the holiday season can be a difficult time to stay slim and trim. YOR Health fans know that these chocolate and peanut butter protein balls tantalize the taste buds without adding extra pounds to waistlines. At home and in the office, this treat is popular with adults and children alike. Continue reading