New Jersey Woman Regains Energy with Help from Dennis Wong and YOR Health Products

Dennis Wong YOR HealthA small stature doesn’t mean perfect health, as Kathleen Bootsri found out. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says though Kathleen’s story is not unique, it is worth telling.

Kathleen Bootsri is a petite young woman that no one ever considered might have health problems, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder says that Kathleen’s 5’2,” 108 pound frame successfully hid her internal battles. Using coffee for energy, Kathleen’s health worsened upon college graduation when she entered the workforce and no longer had time to care for her health.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Kathleen Bootsri used to fall asleep during class, and then struggled to finish her day once she started working. She thought that was a normal part of being a young adult with responsibilities and a newfound level of freedom to come and go as she pleased. However, as Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains, it is not. Wong says fatigue is often a side effect of a poor diet, which Kathleen had.

When a friend noticed Kathleen’s ever-present exhaustion, she recommended the company founded by Dennis Wong – YOR Health. Kathleen was skeptical at first but ordered the YOR Shake and YOR Essential Vitamins. After a few short weeks, Kathleen realized she could stay awake during the day. She no longer felt like she had to take a nap as soon as she got home from work. Her performance in the office increased and her co-workers took notice. Kathleen was powering through her day without coffee.

Dennis Wong says YOR Health helped Kathleen reevaluate her nutrition choices. She no longer drinks coffee and has quit craving fast food. She’s looking forward to the future and believes there is nothing she can’t do now that she has regained her health.