Dennis Wong: YOR Health Highlights Cindy Lee’s Success

Dennis Wong YOR HealthCindy Lee suffered with an irregular menstrual cycle and excessive bloating. In the following Q & A, Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains how Cindy’s body couldn’t handle both her health issues or the treatment prescribed by her doctors.

Q: What health issues did Cindy Lee suffer with?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cindy first noticed that her periods weren’t coming as often as they should. She would have a normal cycle for a while, then skip it for three months at a time. Cindy wasn’t sexually active so she had no explanation as to why she was having reproductive issues. She was also having trouble going to the bathroom and would sometimes have three day intervals between bowel movements.

Q: Did she talk to her doctor?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, she did, and was prescribed birth control to regulate her cycle. As instructed, Cindy took her birth control pills every day. Her periods became regular again but she gained 15 pounds and felt terrible. She was starting to get depressed and had decided that she was going to stop the medication and deal with her issues without treatment.

Q: How did Cindy learn about YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In the fall of 2008, Cindy was at wit’s end regarding her health. She was overweight, uncomfortable with her own body, and aching for relief. Thankfully, a friend told her about YOR Health and introduced her to YOR Digest Ultra and YOR Probiotics Ultra.

Q: Have things changed for Cindy since she started taking YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cindy no longer experiences the bloat and discomfort of poorly-functioning bowels. She has lost the weight she had gained and feels better than ever. Best of all, Cindy was able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean vacation without the worry of feeling uncomfortable in her swimsuit.