Dennis Wong of YOR Health Spotlights Customer Julio Acevedo

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJulio Acevedo lost 22 pounds and regained his health and happiness with YOR Health.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health describes Julio Acevedo as a lifelong couch potato who never had to worry about his weight until college. Julio gained 20 pounds his freshman year in college; he stopped showing off his previously “sexy” body and started sucking in his gut. All this hiding made Julio very self-conscious.

Julio’s weight gain affected his social life as well as his other relationships, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Julio stopped enjoying his time at the beach since he wasn’t comfortable enough with his body to take his shirt off. Julio tried to tell himself that he still “had it,” but Julio really didn’t believe his own words. As a result, Julio’s self-esteem sank deeper and deeper.

When Julio first heard about Dennis Wong and YOR Health, he ordered the products but rarely used them. It wasn’t until a phone call from his mentor, Mr. Sheel Patel, that Julio changed his mind set and realized that success only came to those who committed. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health became an integral part of Julio’s life after that conversation.

Julio started by replacing his worst meals with a healthy YOR Shake. When he did eat out, he switched to lean meat subs and refused fast food. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says these minor changes, along with a few small workouts each week, helped Julio drop 13 pounds in just 14 days. A few weeks later, Julio was down to his high school weight of 142 pounds and felt better than ever.

Today, Julio enjoys his YOR Shake twice a day. He says the ladies have noticed his new look and he no longer has to hide from outdoor activities. The best part for Julio is that he feels better than ever and has found a new passion in sharing YOR Health with the world.