Joe Bower Transforms with Help from Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and an Iron Will to Change

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJoe Bower made a dramatic change in his life after reading Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder’s, story of his own personal transformation. At his lowest point, Joe topped the scales at nearly 200 pounds and had struggled for five years to find the body he knew was hidden underneath the weight.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health launched in 2008, right when Joe Bower needed it the most. He was given the opportunity to be one of YOR Health’s first customers in Ohio, and Joe jumped at that chance. Tired of finding disappointment at the bottom of every “health store” weight loss bottle, Joe was ready for something that worked, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was that something.

Joe Bower started out with YOR CompleteBurn, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake was added soon afterwards to replace some of his unhealthy meals each day. Within just a few days, Joe started feeling his body grow stronger. When he finally mustered up the courage to weigh himself, Joe saw a number he hadn’t seen in years: 170. After years of redlining on the scale at 200 pounds, Joe was whittling himself down to a size he knew he could be comfortable with.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health reports that Joe’s weight was not the only thing that disappeared. Joe quit taking daily naps and hasn’t hit a drive-thru in months. His appetite for junk food has been replaced with a longing for real nutrition and Joe feels better than ever. Joe has also found the energy to go to the gym and has turned his body into an impressive testimonial to how small changes can have huge results.