Fernando Garcia Credits Dennis Wong and YOR Health for Transformation

Dennis Wong YOR HealthYOR Health customer Fernando Garcia had suffered the loss of a girlfriend because of his extreme weight gain, reports Dennis Wong of YOR Health. Here, Wong shares the top four ways that Fernando changed his bad habits and regained control of his social life.

1. Fernando realized synthetic fat burners were unhealthy.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Fernando Garcia resorted to all sorts of unnatural ways to lose weight. The former athlete could not understand why he seemed to feel worse after taking popular over-the-counter thermogenic concoctions. Once he started learning about how his body actually worked, Fernando dropped the off-the-shelf products for good.

2. Fernando stopped eating like a basketball player.

Fernando Garcia was a star basketball player in high school. He practiced every day and ate whatever he wanted. Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, says Fernando’s trouble began after he tore his ACL in basketball camp his senior year. Entering college, Fernando could not move as well as before and quickly gained 25 pounds. YOR Health products helped him curb his cravings for the carbs to which he had grown accustomed when he was active.

3. Fernando added protein to his diet and no longer complains of muscle aches.

One important thing Fernando lacked was protein. He didn’t know it as teenager, but chips, sodas, and pastas simply don’t give our bodies what they need to function or recover. Dennis Wong says the YOR Health customer used to fall down flat after a strenuous workout, but with YOR Shake, his body has the right balance of minerals, calories, and protein to reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time.

4. Fernando now has his pick of the ladies.

At his biggest, Fernando was up to 220 pounds; a weight his long-time (ex) girlfriend just wasn’t attracted to. Dennis Wong of YOR Health reports that since Fernando has lost weight and gained muscle definition, he doesn’t worry about lonely nights anymore.