Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help New York Woman Achieve Goals

Dennis Wong YOR HealthMarie Stephen of Staten Island, New York, grew up a self-described loner. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Marie was lonely and lacked the one thing she needed to succeed–confidence.

Marie’s weight was always an issue. Her freshman year, she signed up with a popular weight loss center but, having to rely on her mother to take her there and cook special meals that fit with her diet plan didn’t work out. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Marie Stephen ballooned to 205 pounds before she graduated high school. Toward the end of her senior year, Marie found it hard to even walk between classes, becoming winded and tired going back and forth. It was then she decided she had to take matters into her own hands.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains that Marie’s dedication to regaining control of her body ushered her into an era of change. Marie lost weight, entering college at a healthy 140 pounds. Marie settled into her newfound adult life and found the free cafeteria food was the perfect companion to her late-night study sessions. Marie soon gained 20 pounds and could see her hard work drifting away. She felt out of control and heartbroken until a friend introduced her to YOR Health. Dennis Wong had recently announced that his company was expanding from California to New York and Marie was excited to try the products.

Since that initial introduction, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have been an important factor in Marie’s life. She faithfully drinks her YOR Shake and takes YOR Essential Vitamins every day. YOR CompleteBurn was the final piece missing in the puzzle that was Marie Stephen’s health. It has given her the energy to commit to herself each morning. Marie has started looking at her body as a temple and says nothing goes into it that doesn’t reinforce her foundation from the inside out.