Dennis Wong | YOR Health Spotlights Charlotte Strauss

Dennis Wong YOR HealthCharlotte Straus used to hide her insecurities behind food, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health helped this 20-something understand that food wasn’t meant to be a masking tool, but one used to build a foundation for a healthy future.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Charlotte Strauss has a remarkable story. At just nine years old, Charlotte was in a horrific car accident. The next decade was spent between her bed and a wheelchair, as Charlotte was unable to walk. Miraculously, before her 20th birthday, Charlotte’s body healed to the point where she could stand. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says it wasn’t long before Charlotte was walking, just like her friends and siblings who she had always envied.

Having the ability to walk wasn’t enough for Charlotte, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder says Charlotte wanted to run. Her biggest barriers were food and fear. Even though Charlotte could move much like everyone else, she still felt like that little kid who could only watch life from the window. Instead of trying to keep going, Charlotte turned to food. She could control her eating habits, but was too afraid of failure to try and overcome her physical limitations, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake and YOR CompleteBurn gave her the extra energy to overcome her reservations and made her feel like she could tackle anything.

Since joining forces with Dennis Wong and the YOR Health family, Charlotte has given up her vices. She doesn’t rely on ice cream and chips to make her feel good. Today, Charlotte boosts herself daily with YOR health products and a long run. She no longer looks back at her childhood for excuses to sit on the sidelines in her adult life. Charlotte has lost 21 pounds and says her favorite part about her new body is the way she feels when she wakes up every morning.