New Jersey Woman Regains Energy with Help from Dennis Wong and YOR Health Products

Dennis Wong YOR HealthA small stature doesn’t mean perfect health, as Kathleen Bootsri found out. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says though Kathleen’s story is not unique, it is worth telling.

Kathleen Bootsri is a petite young woman that no one ever considered might have health problems, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder says that Kathleen’s 5’2,” 108 pound frame successfully hid her internal battles. Using coffee for energy, Kathleen’s health worsened upon college graduation when she entered the workforce and no longer had time to care for her health.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Kathleen Bootsri used to fall asleep during class, and then struggled to finish her day once she started working. She thought that was a normal part of being a young adult with responsibilities and a newfound level of freedom to come and go as she pleased. However, as Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains, it is not. Wong says fatigue is often a side effect of a poor diet, which Kathleen had.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Highlights Cindy Lee’s Success

Dennis Wong YOR HealthCindy Lee suffered with an irregular menstrual cycle and excessive bloating. In the following Q & A, Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains how Cindy’s body couldn’t handle both her health issues or the treatment prescribed by her doctors.

Q: What health issues did Cindy Lee suffer with?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cindy first noticed that her periods weren’t coming as often as they should. She would have a normal cycle for a while, then skip it for three months at a time. Cindy wasn’t sexually active so she had no explanation as to why she was having reproductive issues. She was also having trouble going to the bathroom and would sometimes have three day intervals between bowel movements.

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Dennis Wong of YOR Health Spotlights Customer Julio Acevedo

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJulio Acevedo lost 22 pounds and regained his health and happiness with YOR Health.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health describes Julio Acevedo as a lifelong couch potato who never had to worry about his weight until college. Julio gained 20 pounds his freshman year in college; he stopped showing off his previously “sexy” body and started sucking in his gut. All this hiding made Julio very self-conscious.

Julio’s weight gain affected his social life as well as his other relationships, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Julio stopped enjoying his time at the beach since he wasn’t comfortable enough with his body to take his shirt off. Julio tried to tell himself that he still “had it,” but Julio really didn’t believe his own words. As a result, Julio’s self-esteem sank deeper and deeper.

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Joe Bower Transforms with Help from Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and an Iron Will to Change

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJoe Bower made a dramatic change in his life after reading Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder’s, story of his own personal transformation. At his lowest point, Joe topped the scales at nearly 200 pounds and had struggled for five years to find the body he knew was hidden underneath the weight.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health launched in 2008, right when Joe Bower needed it the most. He was given the opportunity to be one of YOR Health’s first customers in Ohio, and Joe jumped at that chance. Tired of finding disappointment at the bottom of every “health store” weight loss bottle, Joe was ready for something that worked, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was that something.

Joe Bower started out with YOR CompleteBurn, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake was added soon afterwards to replace some of his unhealthy meals each day. Within just a few days, Joe started feeling his body grow stronger. When he finally mustered up the courage to weigh himself, Joe saw a number he hadn’t seen in years: 170. After years of redlining on the scale at 200 pounds, Joe was whittling himself down to a size he knew he could be comfortable with.

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Fernando Garcia Credits Dennis Wong and YOR Health for Transformation

Dennis Wong YOR HealthYOR Health customer Fernando Garcia had suffered the loss of a girlfriend because of his extreme weight gain, reports Dennis Wong of YOR Health. Here, Wong shares the top four ways that Fernando changed his bad habits and regained control of his social life.

1. Fernando realized synthetic fat burners were unhealthy.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Fernando Garcia resorted to all sorts of unnatural ways to lose weight. The former athlete could not understand why he seemed to feel worse after taking popular over-the-counter thermogenic concoctions. Once he started learning about how his body actually worked, Fernando dropped the off-the-shelf products for good.

2. Fernando stopped eating like a basketball player.

Fernando Garcia was a star basketball player in high school. He practiced every day and ate whatever he wanted. Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, says Fernando’s trouble began after he tore his ACL in basketball camp his senior year. Entering college, Fernando could not move as well as before and quickly gained 25 pounds. YOR Health products helped him curb his cravings for the carbs to which he had grown accustomed when he was active.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help New York Woman Achieve Goals

Dennis Wong YOR HealthMarie Stephen of Staten Island, New York, grew up a self-described loner. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Marie was lonely and lacked the one thing she needed to succeed–confidence.

Marie’s weight was always an issue. Her freshman year, she signed up with a popular weight loss center but, having to rely on her mother to take her there and cook special meals that fit with her diet plan didn’t work out. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Marie Stephen ballooned to 205 pounds before she graduated high school. Toward the end of her senior year, Marie found it hard to even walk between classes, becoming winded and tired going back and forth. It was then she decided she had to take matters into her own hands.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains that Marie’s dedication to regaining control of her body ushered her into an era of change. Marie lost weight, entering college at a healthy 140 pounds. Marie settled into her newfound adult life and found the free cafeteria food was the perfect companion to her late-night study sessions. Marie soon gained 20 pounds and could see her hard work drifting away. She felt out of control and heartbroken until a friend introduced her to YOR Health. Dennis Wong had recently announced that his company was expanding from California to New York and Marie was excited to try the products.

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Dennis Wong | YOR Health Spotlights Charlotte Strauss

Dennis Wong YOR HealthCharlotte Straus used to hide her insecurities behind food, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health helped this 20-something understand that food wasn’t meant to be a masking tool, but one used to build a foundation for a healthy future.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Charlotte Strauss has a remarkable story. At just nine years old, Charlotte was in a horrific car accident. The next decade was spent between her bed and a wheelchair, as Charlotte was unable to walk. Miraculously, before her 20th birthday, Charlotte’s body healed to the point where she could stand. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says it wasn’t long before Charlotte was walking, just like her friends and siblings who she had always envied.

Having the ability to walk wasn’t enough for Charlotte, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder says Charlotte wanted to run. Her biggest barriers were food and fear. Even though Charlotte could move much like everyone else, she still felt like that little kid who could only watch life from the window. Instead of trying to keep going, Charlotte turned to food. She could control her eating habits, but was too afraid of failure to try and overcome her physical limitations, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health’s YOR Shake and YOR CompleteBurn gave her the extra energy to overcome her reservations and made her feel like she could tackle anything.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help California Woman go from Fatigued to Fit

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAlejandra Estrada realized when she hit 144 pounds that she had to regain control of her body, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health co-founder Wong explains that Alejandra tried every diet on the market, and even worked out with friends for support, but to no avail. The most she could lose was a few pounds here and there. Her issues were compounded by the fact that she did not know how to control her cravings. Every time Alejandra would start to see the scale inch down, she would reach for pasta, bread, and ice cream to celebrate.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Alejandra exercised and strived to stay active, using the wonderful California weather as a good excuse to get outside and move. However, despite her activity level, Alejandra’s diet still lacked what her body needed most–nutrition. This left her tired and barely able to do anything after a quick jog. Naps became Alejandra’s best friend.

Alejandra was at her wit’s end when a chance conversation about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the real results YOR Health customers were seeing. It completely changed her thinking. Alejandra began researching Dennis Wong, YOR Health, the products, and the science behind them all. Once she was satisfied with the information she found, Alejandra ordered the YOR Shake and YOR CompleteBurn, a popular combination. Within a matter of weeks, she was down seven pounds.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Customer Spotlight August 2016

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health says he never ceases to be amazed at the progress and transformations that happen when people uncover the real health hidden inside of them. Vanessa Marin of Sacramento, California, is one of these people and serves as today’s spotlight success story.

Q: How did Vanessa discover YOR Health products?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Vanessa’s weight reached 240 pounds, she confided in a close friend that she was very unhappy. It turns out, this friend was a new YOR Health customer and the two decided to try the products together.

Q: What YOR Health products does Vanessa use?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: She drinks an icy chocolate YOR Shake each morning and adds YOR CompleteBurn at regular intervals throughout the day. The YOR CompleteBurn gives her the energy she used to lack in the morning. She would struggle to exercise for even a few minutes, but now she runs for half an hour each morning without wanting to quit! Vanessa has told us here at YOR Health that she can feel the CompleteBurn kicking in shortly after taking it and that it makes her feel alive and alert all day long.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Earns Nutritionist’s Approval

Dennis Wong YOR HealthAdan Rodriguez was one of those “lucky” few who never had to worry about his weight, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health ’s  co-founder explains in the following brief question-and-answer session just what convinced Adan to put his faith in YOR Health products.

Q: How was Adan uncomfortable with his body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan was extremely thin, to the point of feeling self-conscious about his body image. He refused to go swimming with friends from an early age, as he was embarrassed of his “skin and bones” physique. Adan unfortunately missed out on a lot of activities and social opportunities because he was so ashamed of his body.

Q: What did he do to put on weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Adan excelled in sports and started playing football in high school. Still, he remained thin. In college, Adan began consulting with a nutritionist to help him gain the muscle he had always wanted. But despite eating and working out, Adan couldn’t achieve his dream body.

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